Spilinga is located in the central-western part of the Province of Vibo Valentia, on the slopes of Monte Poro, in the hinterland of Capo Vaticano, and only 7 km from its beaches on the splendid "Costa degli Dei"

A privileged position that of the Municipality of Spilinga. A garden of a thousand colors and strong contrasts, between the sea and the mountains.

But Spilinga is not just nature and landscapes. His name can be traced back to the strong and genuine flavors of the whole of Calabria. The 'Nduja is the typical salami famous all over the world and increasingly used in the gourmet recipes of the chefs of Italian and foreign starred restaurants. 

But Spilinga is not only 'nduja its name according to historians derives from the Greek "Spelunga", cave; or "Spelaionghe" a land full of caves and again from "Spelinka", a cave.

In fact, in the immediate vicinity of Spilinga there are, still today, caves in which the survivors of the landslide on the town of "Condrochilone" which stood near the current center found refuge. In these caves, many years later, even the inhabitants of the neighboring areas took shelter, hiding after the raids of the Saracen pirates. The most important of these caves is that of the "Madonna delle Fonti" originally a Basilian hermitic laura, which today is used as a sanctuary, surrounded by water sources, a constant destination for pilgrimages, especially in May, the month in which it is celebrated.

The history of Spilinga is mainly linked to the historical vicissitudes of Tropea, of which it was a hamlet until 1807. Even here, in fact, the Byzantines, the Arabs, the Normans have left indelible traces of their passage in the language, customs and traditions.

The sanctuary of the Madonna della Fontana, or delle Fonti, is located a short distance from the town, the cult of the Madonna delle Fonti dates back to the beginning of the twentieth century, from when, according to oral tradition, the Madonna manifested herself in a dream to Mrs. Domenica Muià, inviting her to go to the place where the sanctuary now stands. In the point where the original niche is preserved today, Mrs. Muià would have found the statue of the Madonna. The church was built in 1920, and over time it has become a pilgrimage destination. The sanctuary is a very quiet little corner, surrounded by greenery, well cared for, where you can pray and contemplate the small altar in silence. There are fountains where you can get very fresh water, near a pond with fish and a statuette depicting the Madonnina. AND'

About two kilometers from Spilinga, the rural aqueduct is worthy of note, on the road to Vibo Valentia. The arched stone structure of the aqueduct from the Murat era recalls the style of the ancient Roman aqueducts.

In the surroundings of Spilinga there are several caves, mostly natural caves, chosen by hermits in medieval times as a place of refuge and prayer. Of particular interest is the cave of San Leo, in the valley between Spilinga and Carìa, where five fragments of 16th century frescoes remain.

Once a year Spilinga turns into the village of 'nduja, a real gastronomic show open to all and enriched by entertainment, entertainment and the presence of many starred chefs who presented their dishes during the cooking shows.

In the 2022 edition of 'Nduja Village, two Michelin stars Enrico Derflingher, a world-class chef who  has cooked for the British royal family, for Buckingham Palace and for an endless series of historic events, from the G7 to G20. «I have known 'nduja around the world – said the chef – and therefore it was a great pleasure for me to come here to Spilinga and see how this product has been used in all its forms».


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